Social Network vs Citizen Kane

Besides the fact I saw both movies for the first time this week I think that Citizen Kane and the Social Network have a lot in common. Both movies are both rediculously well written and the acting is just as good but both take a very well known person of the time and show thier life story. showing them in a very negitive light but also showing a different side more sensative side to the person.

the social network tells the “story” of Mark Zuckerberg the man who created facebook. much like citizen kane the story of a man who created The New York Journal William Randolph Hearst. Both characters are played off to be bad guys and are shown for their mistakes they make with thier friends. In The Socail Network Mark is showen in a negative light for screwing over his friend Edurado by taking all the credit for the sight and getting ride of all Eduardo’s stocks. Mark is also shown very antisocial and comes off almost autistic. Charles Kane is also shown in a negative light for getting ride of his friend Jebadiah for talking bad about his wife. he is also shown in a very negative light for being overly bossy and pushing peoples limits.

Both are also based on somewhat true events, while no one from facebook agreed to sign off on the movie, it is supposably based on the creation of facebook. As for Citizen Kane takes a more suddle approch by changing charaters and events names, is based off the life of  William Randolph Hearst. Both the people written about took it differently thought Hearst wanted nothing to do with the movie and tried to get it shut down while zuckerberg at release time gave the New Jeresey school system a million dollars and rented a theater to show the whole facebook staff.

both movies were directed to perfection. The socail network happens to move much faster than Citzen kane which starts to get long and dragging at some points. both movies run about two hours long and at points seem to just be never ending.  but both are also written as close to perfect as can be and shot just as well. a long with every actor in both movies doing fantastic jobs (yes even Justine Timberlake).

After sitting down and comparing the two movies it almost becomes eerrie how smiliar they both are. both based off important figures in the media at the time, along with similar acting writting and camera angle it is almost scary how similar these two movies actually are even with almost 70 years apart from each other.